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Business Coaching

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Management Training

All plans, goals, objectives, initiatives, will not equal success without focused clear consistent management. Training and management workshops are available for your teams. You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure, and there must be clear expectations present to effectively manage.

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Mastermind Groups

If you have been looking for a way to expand your resources and develop strategic partners that can really benefit your business then it is time to join a JGA Mastermind Group.

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Business Workshops

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Business Reviews

What are Business Reviews? Business Reviews are monthly review-recap meetings, where a JGA consultant /coach will meet with you and go over the pervious months business activities, SMART Goal progress to-date, all financial statements, and the Measuring Metrics.

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Business Consulting

Business Consulting available always, as we want you to achieve Desired Results.

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Whether you are a Small Business, Mid-Size Company, or a Large Organization, let Jay Groe & Associates be of assistance to you in Analyzing your Current Business & Financial Status and/or your entire Organizational Structure. Our strategic performance initiatives are designed to achieve a competitive advantage, profitability, and the business model needed in today's everchanging business environment.


What's New

What's New is getting: Tomorrow's Solutions Today... from JGA...

What's New:

  •   Marketing Plans
  •   Sales Plans


Today's Business Conditions are demanding and we want to be there for you.

More of What's New


  • Business Mastermind Groups:Open to Small to Mid-Size Businesses Organizations, and Associations - Ask about starting one in your area???
  • Focused Management Training Workshops / Seminars
  • Product Launch Plans
  • Out-of-State: One-on-One Business Coaching through Skype, Web Conferencing, Phone, etc. - Ask us about this for your business if you are located out of California?

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